Nguyen Ngoc Hanh was the official war photographer for the Republic of
Viet Nam until his country was invaded by North Vietnam on April 30,
1975.  Mr. Hanh was sent to a re-education camp for eight years, during
which time he was specifically tortured by the Communist regime.   He
was released due to international pressure, and escaped from the
country as a Boat Person in 1987.

This award-winning artist -- portraiture is his special talent -- earned the
Photographer of the Year for the USA in 1968 because of his images of
the Tet Offensive and the seige of Khe Sanh.  His book (shown here), in
(Khoi Lua) and English (Vietnam in Flames) editions, was
published by South Vietnam in 1969 with photos also by Nguyen Manh

New biography of Nguyen Ngoc Hanh in pdf
left, De Anza College VSA student               
leader Alphonse Pham

photos of Mr. Hanh for VietAm Review by Jean Libby
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hanh is still a
working photographer at over the
age of eighty.

He exhibits regularly in festivals
around the country, and teaches
master classes.

In June 2007 Mr. Hanh has a
retrospective exhibit at the
community room of Nguoi Viet
newspaper in Westminster.   

Exhibit in January 2009 in San Jose
with his limited edition art book
Nguyen Ngoc Hanh va Than Huu
(Among Friends)

Fall 2010:  National Portrait Gallery
Washington, D. C.

Even though Mr. Hanh was
selected among the Top Ten PSA
Photographers of 1968 for his war
coverage of the Tet Offensive as
the official photographer of South
Vietnam, his taped interview in
November 2004 was not shown in
the final production on The History
Channel.  The tape is "lost."

After the fall of Saigon in 1975, Mr.
Hanh was imprisoned and tortured
by the Communists who invaded
his country in violation of the Paris
Peace Accords.  
Autumn" ( 2004.)  
Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, the Vietnam Photographer
San Francisco,  November 11, 2004.  
away on April 11, 2017.  Sadly
missed by family and friends.